Families and old friends will come together at Masjidul-Mahmoud in Constantia this weekend, as the mosque celebrates its 100 year anniversary. The masjid was established in 1913, by the then Muslim community in Constantia, who were forcibly removed from the area during the apartheid Group Areas Act.

According to Imam Magadien Sadien, the masjid was established on a farm that was owned by the Sadien family. He said most of these families were either farmers or had smallholdings. Families such as the Sadiens, the Brenners, Solomons, Damons and Fergusons amongst others were initially involved in establishing the masjid.

“Because of the masjid being situated in Constantia, many people started moving out of the area from about 1967, due to the Group Areas Act and this affected the masjid in a negative way,” he said. Prior to that, the masjid served the community for a good number of years, with a Moulood un-Nabi activities held every year and a madrassah established to serve the community in the early years.

Over the years however, communities started moving back into the area and the masjid once again became a hub of activity. “We hope to maintain the historical links of the people and families who have always used and frequented Masjidul-Mahmoud,” Sadien added. In order to celebrate this special occasion, a Khatmul Quran and an Arawaah was held at the masjid last week. This Sunday 17th November, a formal function will be held at the Retreat Civic Centre with a key-note speech by Sheikh Yusuf Da Costa.

Representatives of families who have been associated with the masjid will be in attendance. A special booklet that contains the historical background photographs of the masjid will be presented to these families who were associated with the masjid over the years. The book will be available to the public for purchase. VOC (Shariefa Jacobs)